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Microwave recipe. Try out this mouth watering recipe on our recommendation.

Harsharan Matharu's Indian Microwave Cooking Recipes e book.

Microwave cooking recipe

Harsharan Matharu's Indian Microwave Cooking Recipes e book.

A wonderful treat of a cake based on recipe from link below.

From hand written recipes booklet by Rashmi Kapur.

Rashmi's hand written recipes


Handwritten recipes

A simple and yummy cake

Adapted from Irresistible Cakes a celeberation of fabulous bakes for all occasions

This recipe is a part of the lemon cake recipe in the source linked.

A heavenly dessert

Based on recipe from Best-Loved-Desserts by Good Housekeeping

Beautiful and tasty dessert

Classic puddings and pies by Martha Day

A delicious and nutritious breakfast dish. The recipe here is modified a little from what is in the source link below.

A simple and delicious recipe. Go to the source link for the video by Crouton Crackerjacks.

Recipe from Renu's collection, inspired by the recipe in the link.

A beautiful and yummy breakfast dish

Renu's handwritten recipes

To see the detailed recipe and tips go the the link below which is the source of the recipe

Simple and quick recipe

A simple recipe by Jastej