Baked Cheese Macaroni

Tasty recipe

Sourced from: Pritam Uberoi's Pure Vegetarian Indian Cookery


175 grams macaroni, 10 level teaspoons flour, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, 3/4 teaspoon white pepper, salt to taste, 1 3/4 cup milk, 5 teaspoons butter, 1/2 teacup cheese, 1/2 onion


Break macaroni into small pieces and then boil it in salted water until tender. Drain with cold water. Fry chopped onion and flour in butter for 1 minute, add milk and stir it till a little thick. Now add lemon juice, slat, pepper and mix well and then add boiled macaroni, 15 grams grated cheese and cream and cook for a few minutes. Grease the pie dish and put macaroni in it and then sprinkle 40 grams grated cheese on top of it. Bake it in moderate oven until cheese is golden brown in color.

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