Baked rice

From hand written recipes booklet by Rashmi Kapur.

Sourced from: Rashmi's hand written recipes


A bowlful of cooked rice, spinach-blanched and churned, oregano, pineapple-3 rounds, a few basil leaves, cinnamon-2tsp, 1/4 cups cream, maggie cube-1, 1/4 cup corn, tomato puree/sauce/pizza sauce-3/4 cup


Divide rice into 3 parts. Take the first part, sprinkle cinnamon, cream, pineapple pieces/ rasberry and basil. Toss them together and put it in a baking dish. Take the second layer mix the sauce of your choice, sprinkle oregano, pepper and salt according to taste. You can also add cooked onion and tomatoes. Put it on top of the first layer. Mix rice with spinach, add boiled corn sprinkle cheese generously. Let this be the last layer. Bake at 188 degrees till the cheese melts.

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