Kullu Trout Fish

A popular recipe from Himachal Pradesh. For the recipe video go to the link by TIALICIOUS Food

Sourced from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vHF080VWRE&list=LLAa8iOHcWE-RG9XY4rF-PFw&index=27&t=1s


1 trout Fish For marination: Salt as per taste 1 tsp dill leaves 1 tsp coriander powder 1/4 tsp red chili powder 1 Tbsp mustard oil 2 tsp Lemon Juice For the Sauce we would be needing: Mustard oil 1/2tsp coarse mustard paste 1 medium onion sliced Chopped coriander Lemon Juice Salt as per taste


1) First, we would be cleaning the fish and here I have cut it and made fillet, it will be just easer to cook. 2) Next, we need to marinate the fish, we first start with a pinch of salt next, next we will again take a pinch of red chili, now here I have taken dried dill leaves you can also use fresh ones. Take a generous amount next add the coriander powder, lime juice and to bind all the margination togeather add few drops of mustard oil. 3) Next, rub all this well into the fish, and keep this in the fridge for half an hour. 4) Now in a non-stick pan take few drops of oil, once the oil is slightly hot we will fry the fish. Make sure to cook it from both the sides. 5) Once it looks like this we need to take the fish out. 6) In the same pan, we will add some more oil to that add the sliced onions to this add the mustard paste make sure it's coarsely grounded. 7) Cook this till the onions are translucent in color. If you want you can add some salt for taste here I had added salt when I was making the past of the mustard. 8) Once it looks like this, we will start the plating Take one piece of fish, on top of that add the mustard and onion Sause add fresh coriander and lots of lemon juice. And your Kullu trout fish is ready to be served. Make sure to serve it hot generally this dish is served as a side dish but you can also serve it with steamed rice.

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