Apple Stew Pie

Microwave cooking recipe

Sourced from: Harsharan Matharu's Indian Microwave Cooking Recipes e book.


• Apples-fresh (cut into small pieces) (pealed) • 1/2cup Sugar • 1tbps Maida • 4tbsp Milk powder • Eggs-slightely beaten • 1/2tsp Salt • 1/4tsp Dalchini powder Garnishing 8 Marie biscuits 2tbsp Butter- melted 1 tbsp mixed Jam


Beat eggs slightly. Keep aside. Mix all other ingredients. Micro high 5 minutes. Mash & mix again. Add eggs & mix. Micro high 3 minutes. Powder the biscuits coarsely. Mix butter and Jam and M.H. 1 minute. Mix Biscuits to it. Sprinkle over the pie and M.H. for 2 minutes. Standing time 10 minutes.

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