Tandoori Fish

Microwave cooking recipe

Sourced from: Harsharan Matharu's Indian Microwave Cooking Recipes e book.


• 1 Pomfret 500gms. • 1 Lemon • ¼ cup Dahi • 1 Egg yolk • 1 tbsp Cream • 2 tbs Ginger, Garlic Paste. • ½ tspn Ajwain • 2 tspn Besan • Salt, Pepper Red Chillies to taste • ½ tspn Haldi Powder • Some melted butter • Chat masala


Clean & wash the fish and cut into big pieces. Rub the Lemon and Salt. Set aside for 30 minutes. Mix all ingredients except butter. Marinate the fish for 3 hrs. Cook the fish on wine rack on convection, combi five minutes, per side. Put a plate underneath to catch drippings. Put Lemon juice and Chat Masala and serve Hot.

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