Chili Chicken

Microwave cooking recipe

Sourced from: Harsharan Matharu's Indian Microwave Cooking Recipes e book.


• 350gm chicken – cut into bite size pieces (boneless or with bones) • ½” piece ginger –chopped fine • 2-3flakes garlic –chopped fine • 1tbsp vinegar • 2tbsp Soya sauce • ½ tsp ajinomoto (optional) • 4-5 green chilies –slit lengthways • 1 medium capsicum –cut into thin strips • ½ onion –cut into ½” thin strips and leaves separated • 1tsp sugar • 1tsp salt • 2 tsp sherry or rum (optional) • 2 tsp (level) corn flour


In the dish, mix together –oil ajinomoto, ginger, garlic, Soya sauce and chicken . Micro high covered for 4 minutes. Add all ingredients including chilies, capsicum and cornflour mixed in ¼ cup water. Micro high uncovered 2 minutes, Serve.

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